The Big Fat Middle School Math Workbook 幫助中小學生學習數學的很好的練習書

Written by Workman Publishing
Publisher: Workman Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-5235-1358-1
SumLook Rating: 10 / 10

SumLook 一直很喜歡《Big Fat Notebook》系列。

本書是一本數學的練習書,當中附有大量的練習題和文字題,而答案版頁不只提供答案,更有仔細步驟讓學生明白計算方法。在每章節中,本書運用簡略要點或表格的形式井井有條地彙編了章節中的主要主題和概念。 這些概念有系統地,和清晰地呈現。為了使讀者保持興趣,書中還畫有很多可愛的漫畫以娛樂讀者,並且筆記的版面設計色彩繽紛。 我們很推薦這本書給想要學習數學的學生。(見下圖)




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SumLook always likes the Big Fat Book Series.

This book is a math workbook which includes a lot of exercises and word problems. Sumlook really appreciates that the solution page gives not only simply the answer but steps to the solution, which can help students to understand more how to get to the answers. It compiles all major math topics needed in Middle school. At the beginning of each chapter, there is a summary of key concepts of the topics. The concepts are well organized and clearly presented. For example, the concepts are organised in points form or in a table, which makes it very easy to read. To keep the readers interested, there are a lot of cute comics to keep the readers entertained and the layout of notes is very colorful. We highly recommend this book for students who would like to learn well about Mathematics.(see pictures below)

Happy Reading and Learning!

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