Everything you need to ace Biology in one big fat notebook 幫助學生學習生物學的超級好書

Written by Matthew Brown
Illustrator: Chris Pearce
Publisher: Workman Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-5235-0436-7
SumLook Rating: 10 / 10

SumLook 一直很喜歡《Big Fat Notebook》系列。

本書以井井有條的方式彙編了生物學中的主要主題。 這些概念有系統地,和清晰地呈現。 例如,關鍵詞彙用黃色突出顯示,關鍵概念則用藍色表示,書中也運用了很多圖表整齐有序地整理資料。 此外,每章的末尾都有一個小測驗,以測試讀者的知識並幫助他們進行複習。 為了使讀者保持興趣,書中還畫有很多可愛的漫畫和圖形以娛樂讀者,並且筆記的版面設計色彩繽紛。 我們很推薦這本書給想要學習生物學的學生。(見下圖)

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SumLook always likes the Big Fat Book Series.

This book compiled all major topics in Biology in a very organized way. The concepts are well organized and clearly presented. For example, the key vocabulary words are highlighted in yellow and key concepts are written in blue; a lot of tables and charts are used to tidily organise the information. Moreover, at the end of each chapter, there is a small quiz to test readers' knowledge and to help them review. To keep the readers interested, there are a lot of cute comics and graphics to keep the readers entertained and the layout of notes is very colorful. We highly recommend this book for students who would like to learn well about Biology.(see pictures below)

Happy Reading and Learning!

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Famous Quote 名言語錄: Beautiful Path 美麗的路 (from Thich Nhat Hanh 一行禪師)

Wet Paint 油漆未乾 (Oxford Reading Tree stage 4): 爸爸會要為後門塗多少次漆呢?

The Storm 一场暴風雨 (Oxford Reading Tree level 4): 暴風雨把樹屋吹倒了,孩子們找到了裝有鑰匙的盒子,那鑰匙會有什麼魔法嗎?