The Lego Architect 樂高建築師: 太酷的書!讓孩子學習不同建築風格,也可以同時玩樂的好書

Written by Tom Alphin
Publisher: William Poliock
ISBN-13: 978-1-59327-613-3
SumLook Rating: 10 / 10

這本書太酷了! 因為它能將樂高和學習結合在一起!森綠媽媽和孩子們都十分喜歡這本書!

The Lego Architect 這書討論了不同時期的不同建築風格,並展示了許多相應風格的建築的真實圖片,以及相同風格的樂高模型。 該書還討論了這些建築風格的特色,以及如何利用不同的樂高積木和樂高顏色來構建此類特色。 這真是一本很棒的書!孩子們可以享受玩樂高時,也可以學習。 [見下面的圖片]

我的兩個兒子(6歲和10歲)一直都是樂高迷。 通過閱讀這本書,孩子們可以學習到不同的建築風格,還可以學習建築物不同部分的名稱。 實際上,他們還將這些想法運用到他們的樂高積木中。 即使像我這樣的成年人,也學到很多關於建築的知識。





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How cool is this! when you combine Lego and learning together!

This book can't be any cooler.

"The Lego Architect" talks about different architectural styles at different period of time, and it shows many real-life pictures of architectures of corresponding styles, along with Lego models of the same style. The book also talks about the iconic elements of those architectural styles and how to make use of different Lego pieces and Lego colors to build such elements. This is just a very awesome book. Kids have fun in learning it and building it. [see pictures above]

My boys (6 and 10 years old) are always Lego fans. By reading this books, the kids get to learn different architectural styles at different period of time and they also learn the name of different parts of a building. Practically, they also use those ideas into their Lego building. Even an adult like me, also learns a great deal about architecture.

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