Even superheroes make mistakes 超級英雄也會犯錯: 教導孩子正面面對過錯的好書

By Shelly Becker
Illustrated by Eda Kaban
Publisher: Sterling Children's Books
ISBN-13: 978-1454927037
SumLook Rating: 9 / 10






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SumLook really likes this book called "Even superheroes make mistakes". The message of the book is great and the illustration is funny and attractive.

The author makes use of role model of superheroes and humors to deliver a very valuable message of how to confront one's mistakes. The story mentions that even superheroes make mistake. But do they just blame on the others, try to find excuses or hide? They don't; they will fess up their mistakes and apologize, and think about the best solutions right away. It is because they know that it is responsibility that makes them superheroes. When the superheroes make mistake, how do they confront it? Do they just hang their heads down or hide? They could but they won't. They might also feel embarrassed and guilty, but then they will get back up again and be brave to move on with their days. It is because they know that perfection is rare.

This book delivers a great message not only to the kids but also the adults. It reminds us that no one is perfect and it is okay to make mistakes and no need to be too stressed out about it. The most important thing is to learn from the mistakes and be brave to try again, and also to be responsible.

I hope you enjoy the book :)

I have also read out the story to teach the kids English. If you are interested, please click on the video above to watch.



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