Build Your Own Dinosaur Museum: 讓孩子一面學習一面動手玩的好玩恐龍書

By Lonely Planet
Written by Jenny Jacoby
Illustrated by Mike Love & Beatrice Blue
Publisher: Lonely Planet Kids
ISBN-13: 978-1788681285
SumLook Rating: 9 / 10

這本書的主題是讓小孩動手參與佈置恐龍博物館,小孩可以動手用書中提供的恐龍紙樣 (見圖二)做出Pop-up 的恐龍化石(共5頭恐龍),讓書本變成一本 Pop-up 書,也可以幫忙把一些恐龍展品(例如:恐龍不同牙齒和蛋)放到適當的展品櫃,小孩會覺得很有趣,同時在尋找展品櫃時也會學到不少恐龍知識。



1. 什麼是恐龍?(What are dinosaurs?)
2. 三角龍 (Triceratops)
3. 恐龍的防衛方法 (Dinosaur defence)
4. 劍龍 (Stegosaurus)
5. 植食性動物 (Plant eaters)
6. 暴龍 (T-rex)
7. 捕食性動物 (Predators)
8. 海洋裡的爬蟲類動物 (Marine Reptiles)
9. 滑齒龍 (Liopleurodon)
10. 飛翔的爬蟲類 (Flying Reptiles)
11. 翼龍 (Pteranodon)
12. 在世界的什麼地方? (Where in the world?)
13. 時代的終結 (End of Era)



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The Museum needs help from your kids to build and decorate the dinosaur. In this book, the kids can use the paper models (see pic at right) provided to build a pop-up dinosaur models (5 dinosaurs in total) to turn the book into a pop-up book. The kids can also help to put the egg fossils and teeth and Poo Poo into the right display cases. The kids will enjoy this DIY experience and also learn a lot about dinosaur by doing the book themselves.

The illustration is adorable and uses vibrant colors which are very attractive to the young readers. The words are easy to understand. The book covers the topics like how to define dinosaurs, the characteristics of plant eaters and predators, and the reason of the extinction of dinosaurs.

There are 13 chapters in total, as belows:

1. What are dinosaurs?
2. Triceratops
3. Dinosaur defence
4. Stegosaurus
5. Plant eaters
6. T-rex
7. Predators
8. Marine Reptiles
9. Liopleurodon
10. Flying Reptiles
11. Pteranodon
12. Where in the world?
13. End of Era

Both my son and I really enjoy this book and we highly recommend this book.



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