Look Inside Science: 讓小孩有簡單科學概念的好書

By Minna Lacey
Illustrated by Stefano Tognetti
Publisher: Usborne
ISBN-13: 978-1409551287
SumLook rating: 9 / 10


這本書講及很多不同範疇的科學基本知識,例如:不同質料的來源,植物和樹木的生長,身體部位,地心吸力,宇宙等,而且flap 中有flap,令小朋友覺得很有趣,一點也不沉悶。 

We love this book! Look Inside Science introduces basic knowledge of different science. For example, how the plants grow, different parts of body, gravity, the universe. Moreover, this book is not boring at all as the flaps and flap-inside-flap will keep the kids' fingers very busy.