Lift-out Colours Book: 讓幼兒學習顏色的好書

Written by Felicity Brooks
Illustrator: Stacey Lamb
Publisher: Usborne
ISBN-13: 978-184121262
SumLook Rating: 9 / 10

森綠BB 十分喜歡這本書,由1歲到2歲差不多每天都玩一次。

每2版便介紹一種顏色,當中有白、黑、紅、綠、藍、黃色,讓幼兒明確顏色的名稱,而且有很多可以拿出來的砌圖塊,增加幼兒的興趣,又可以訓練他們的砌圖技巧,又可以教他們 ‘後面’ 以及 ‘入面’ 的概念。


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~.~.~.~.Book Review in English~.~.~.~

My son loves this book; he was playing with this book everyday when he was 1 to 2 years old.

The book introduces a color every 2 pages and there are a lot of lift-out pieces for the kids to play and to practise puzzle skills. We can also teach the kids the concept of "in" and "out", "front" and "behind"

The picture below is a page introducing Blue. The window, comforter, small cabinet are the lift-outs which the kids can take out and see what are under.

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